Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Times Have Changed

Yesterday afternoon, I was waiting with two of my students whose parents were late in picking them up from our Religious Education class. The little boy was very concerned about what would happen if his mother didn't come to pick him up...

Andrew: Mrs. Keating, if my mom doesn't come to get me, would you drive me home?

Me: Well, Andrew, I would like to but I don't know where you live.

Andrew: My address is 123456 Anywhere Street. It is very close to here. Sometimes I walk.

Me: Oh, honey, I don't know where 123456 Anywhere Street is.

Then the little girl chimed in...

Kate: Oh, Mrs. Keating! All you have to do is put his house number and the street name in your GPS and the lady will tell you how to go there. If you don't know how to do it, I can help you because I help my mom do it all of the time.

Once again, my technological capabilities are surpassed by those of kindergartners! 

I am heading out now for a short run with the dogs. We might be running between the raindrops as it has been raining here off and on since late last night. I hope to run at least three miles which will bring me to 50 miles run so far for January. 

I am feeling a bit like this right now. 
Not only do I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight, I also need to go to the grocery store to buy all of the ingredients. The cupboard is bare. Every Sunday evening, I usually make a (very flexible) menu plan for the upcoming week and I didn't get to it this week. Darn those football games! Monday and Tuesday nights are difficult to plan for because, between crew practice, basketball practice and my teaching & the kids attending religious ed classes, we are all together for about 15 minutes. If even that. Since we either eat in shifts or eat in the car while in transit to/from an activity on those nights, whatever I make needs to be able to be re-heated or transportable. Oh well, I now have something to think about on my run.

Have a great Tuesday!

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