Thursday, January 30, 2014

It Has Been A LONG Time

Today I have a job interview. As opposed to my last few job interviews (including the one where I took my children and they played in a corner while I was being interviewed and the one where I followed the owner/interviewer outside while she took a smoke break), this interview is *real*. Meaning I have actually thought about and prepared responses to questions I might be asked (thank you, Kevin and Pinterest!), I have researched the organization that I am interviewing with and I did a complete dress rehearsal of what I plan to wear. I had to dig way back in my closet to find a suit. Always buy the classics, people, always! Fortunately, I did (10+ years ago!) and wasn't faced with the additional stress & expense of going out and having to buy something new. Although, if I do get this job, some new outfits might be in my future. (Just a little advance warning, Kevin!). After some back and forth texts & wardrobe consultations with my friend Jane in Miami, I think I have the perfect outfit and and am ready to go. 

I am not too nervous about whether or not I get the job - I don't *need* to work right now (at least not for the money, maybe for my sanity) so that should make my interview anxieties a little less stressful. My plan was to not even think about going back to work until after the summer (when both kids would be in high school) but this great opportunity sort of fell into my lap and I had enough "signs" to know that I should apply. If nothing else, I will get a modern interview experience. I have been out of the game for so long, I really don't know what to expect and that is what makes me anxious. Although I have held a variety of jobs over the last 10 years, they were very casual, flexible and part-time gigs. Yes, I had responsibilities and things got stressful at times but it was nothing like what I did back in my pre-kid life. And certainly not at that pay level. Even the sporadic consulting work that I currently do is done at home and either on the telephone or by email. I can be in my pajamas and no one would ever know! 

The position that I am interviewing for is the real deal. The job description reads like it was written for me, the position is for only 20 hours a week and I would be doing something very interesting while working for a prominent and very high profile organization. It would be so wonderful to use my brain for something other than menu planning, balancing the checkbook and organizing the kids' schedules and carpools. I will share the details if I am offered the job but let's just say it would be amazing to get this position. However, if I don't, life goes on and you will soon be reading about my next DIY-project as I have some dining room chairs to re-cover.

Oh, and my new love...

Ridley is so sweet and would make your heart melt in an instant. She had a very good first night with Jim and Jan. Although she was happy to climb on/sniff/investigate me, she clearly knows that Jan is "hers". I am going to take the kids over to meet her this morning before she heads off to her first vet appointment.

Have a great Thursday!

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