Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I think we got about 6" of snow yesterday. When I go out to take some more photos, I will take an official measurement from our patio table.

The snow  began shortly after 9 am...  
 and continued throughout the day. 
Chester spent a lot of the afternoon outside, playing in the snow. Sonder was more than happy to hang out in front of the television with the kids and I. We alternated between watching The Weather Channel and the Food Network. 
 I took a last set of photos before dinner. 

Once we had about 3" of snow on the ground, Kevin rolled out the snow-blower (thanks Mom and Dad!) and got to work. It is so lightweight and easy to maneuver that even Christopher (much to his dismay) can use it!

( Yes, the kid needs a pair of boots!)

Before the snow began, Mimmo stopped by to begin work on building out the closet in our guest bedroom/office. It is a quick and easy job but because some of the hardware is on order, it won't be finished until Thursday or Friday.

Before photos.
Yesterday, Mimmo installed these floor to ceiling shelves in that little nook to the right of the filing cabinet. 
There were already similar shelves (not as many and not as long) built in on the other end of the closet and they really provide a good amount of storage. Installing them on the other end as well will eliminate a lot of wasted space and give me more places to put stuff.
Mimmo also hung the brackets for a shelf and a closet rod that will run the entire length of the closet. I will finally be able to get rid of that rolling clothes rack! It was a good temporary fix but definitely not sturdy or practical enough for a permanent fixture. The shelf and the rod are scheduled to be delivered Thursday so I hope, by Friday, I have a new space to organize. The previous configuration of the closet just didn't make good use out of the huge amount of available space. 

The kids are off again from school. They have already blown through the County's allocated snow days and, at this rate, they might still be going to school in July. Kevin will go into work after a two hour delay. Although our street is still covered in snow, it has been plowed and sanded many times. I have seen several cars driving in and out of the neighborhood without any troubles. Unfortunately, although the sky is blue and the sun is bright, it is bitterly cold outside and is expected to remain so for the next several days, so the snow isn't going anywhere!

Have a great Wednesday!

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