Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Deep Freeze

Schools are closed today because of the frigid temperatures and wind chills. The kids are thrilled. Me, not so much. Christopher was especially happy that he would be able to sleep in and stayed up late to watch the FSU-Auburn BCS Football Championship game - which turned out to be quite a thriller in the second half.  I am not sure what we will do today - maybe hit up the mall or a movie, just to get out of the house.

Kevin and I both planned to run this morning but, after looking at the weather last night right before we went to bed, we decided otherwise. I think we could dress appropriately for the cold temperatures but the strong winds would really be a problem. I was able to get a great 6 mile run in on Sunday morning around the grounds of the hospital near us. The men removing the piles of snow and ice from the parking lots probably thought I was crazy - going around and around and up and down through the parking lot - but I got the miles in. I need to remember the hospital as a good place to run when the streets and sidewalks around our home are icy or snow covered as there was not one spec of ice or snow on the surface of the parking lots or on the sidewalks around the hospital. 

Yesterday morning, before the winds picked up and the temperatures started to drop (it was 43 degrees when I began my run), I ran another great six miles so I don't feel too bad taking today off and staying warm. If that is even possible.
Brrr...even my friends in Miami are having a little bit of a cool down.

We are having the "guts" of our gas fireplace replaced tomorrow which will make me very happy. Before Thanksgiving, we went to light it and could not get the flame to stay lit. It turns out that, in addition to several of the logs and the vent being broken, the pilot light components are completely rusted and a repair is not possible. I cannot wait to be able to sit in the family room with a cup of tea and have the fireplace roaring! It would be even better to have glass of red wine in hand but I am still on my no alcohol kick. Day 7! 

This photo that a friend posted on Facebook over the weekend made me smile...
If I could get away with doing this, I certainly would. And not even be slightly embarrassed about my laziness. I have taken down all of our holiday decorations except for the trees and, while I know I need to do it and do it soon, that is really the very last thing I want to think about now. It is such a depressing and tedious task. 

My mom brought me an amaryllis bulb when they came for Christmas and it has literally exploded with growth since I planted it.  

It looks like it will have three nice blossoms on it once it fully blooms. 

Have a great Tuesday and stay warm!

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