Friday, January 24, 2014

The Miles Don't Run Themselves

Early this morning, I ran 3 miles in this...

7 am
Fri - Jan 24

8°F, Clear




WIND:  WNW at 7 mph

Yesterday morning, I managed to get out for a 3.5 mile run around the neighborhood. Since the roads were snow-packed and covered with sand, it was actually a decent surface to run on. All things considered. I dressed very warmly, ran very slowly (and carefully) and stepped off of the road if a car passed. This morning our street looked pretty icy so I drove over to the hospital and ran around there. I am not going to lie - I really would have preferred to have been anywhere but out in the bitter cold but I needed to get my miles in. Tomorrow it is supposed to be above freezing for a couple of hours (!) and then we won't see temperatures get above (or really anywhere close to) 32 degrees until next Friday. Kevin is traveling to Bangkok and I am almost jealous that he gets to escape this cold. 

After a two hour delay this morning, the kids are finally back in school. What a weird week it has been! I am anxious to get back into our routine but since the weekend is almost here and Kevin will be traveling next week (and the kids are off next Thursday and Friday), it will be a while. 

I made the Loaded Baked Potato Soup again last night for dinner. This time I used fresh broccoli crowns and I would make that a permanent change to the recipe. I didn't like the frozen chopped broccoli because there were too many pieces of the stalk and not enough of the healthy dark green stuff. Next time I would just chop the fresh broccoli crowns smaller than what I did last night and I would also cook the broccoli before adding it to the soup. Last night, I just threw it in about 5 minutes before I added the cheese and cream mixture. I made buttermilk biscuits to serve on the side and called it a day. Or a dinner. 

A few Friday photos of the pups... 

The boys snuggled together.  Sonder looks like a little dot next to Chester!
I feel badly that I cannot take them with me to run but it is just too dangerous with the icy roads.

This is the best photo I could get of the bluebirds at the feeder yesterday afternoon.
 Have a great Friday!

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