Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Little Bit Of Sunshine

The forecast for today is for freezing rain this morning which will change to all rain in the afternoon. Blah! Since there won't be any sunshine from the sky today, I am glad that I picked up this pretty bouquet on Friday to brighten up my kitchen. Today feels like it might just have to be a bread baking day.

After all of the kids' sports activities were finished yesterday, we just hung out at home and watched football. WOW! What a great couple of NFL play-off games we saw! Of course, the two teams (the Chiefs and the Eagles) that I wanted to win, didn't but, oh well. It was just fun to see good football played by well-matched teams. Although, it sure didn't look that way in the Colts-Chiefs game at halftime.

I am going to go out now and try to get a short run in - just something to get my blood moving. Although there was some melting on our street yesterday, it is still pretty icy in a lot of stretches. Too risky for me and, since we live close to a large hospital (which always gets top priority for snow and ice removal), I am going to drive over there and run around the parking lot a few times. I might even try to run on the streets in the surrounding neighborhoods if they are clear. Our street gets such horrible sun exposure that it takes a few days of sun and/or warmer weather (neither of which we have had!) to melt everything. 

I hope the weather is better in your part of the world!

Have a great Sunday!

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