Thursday, January 2, 2014

101 And Done!

I closed out 2013 by running a short three miler with the dogs on New Year's Eve. That run brought my total miles for December to 101 miles and I reached my goal of  running at least 100 miles for the month. 

Over the entire year, I ran a total of 865.5 miles. Not the greatest for me but, considering everything that I had going on in 2013, I am happy that I was able to at least continue running through it all, even if it wasn't for any great distance.

My mileage broken down by month... 
Obviously, our move back to Virginia was a great thing for my running! Since our return in July , I have been able to consistently increase my weekly and monthly mileages and am now running 5 days a week. Most importantly, I have done this without any injuries. In fact, all of the many aches and pains I suffered with while in Bangkok disappeared after a few weeks of running here on better surfaces (paved paths, trails, etc.) and in better weather. 

Running in the cooler and less humid weather is wonderful and, now, after being back here for just six months, it is hard to imagine how I made it through two years of running in the Bangkok heat and humidity. I am adjusting well to the winter weather and have figured out the perfect combos of clothes to wear for an entire range of winter temps. Most days I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and I know I could run faster with less clothing but I am warm and comfortable. Next week will be challenging as temperatures are predicted to be VERY cold with temperatures forecast to be in the 10 - 15 degree range. Yikes! 

While I was unpacking some boxes in the garage a few weeks ago, I found my balaclava mask which covers my entire head and leaves only my eyes exposed. (This isn't me.) .

I have already worn it several times when the temps were the low 20's and I will certainly be using it next week! The mask isn't pretty but, for a runner running in extremely cold temperatures and wind, a balaclava is the best invention since sliced bread. I even bought Caitlynne a mask to use when her crew team begins to practice on the river in mid-February. 

My plan for 2014 is get back to running 30-35 miles per week and to maybe run either another half-marathon or a ten miler in the Spring. There is a ten mile race in Charlottesville in late March/early April that Kevin and I have run many times together (many years ago) and we both like the course. Although it is quite hilly, the course goes through the campus of UVA (and in & around the very charming downtown of Charlottesville), the race is not crowded and the spectators are great and very supportive. 

To celebrate the beginning of 2014 and (hopefully) a great year of running, I ran five miles with the dogs on New Years' Day. This is the longest distance I have run with them and they both did really well. It definitely tired them out for the day! 

Have a great Thursday!

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