Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A New Addition!

Introducing Ridley...
 Isn't she just the cutest?!?
Now, I may be crazy but I am not stupid and we are definitely not adding a third dog to our family! This precious golden doodle is Jim and Jan's recent addition, not ours. However, we have already called first dibs on puppy-sitting and I know our dogs are just going to love this little girl. I can't wait for them all to meet and see what they think of such a little puppy. As large as Chester is, he is deathly afraid of his own shadow and will probably cower in terror upon meeting Ridley. Sonder, although 7 years old, still acts like a puppy and I am sure he will be happy to run and play with her. 

Our dinner last night turned out well - too well, in fact, as I ate a little more than I should have and will now have to run an extra mile or two at some point to make up for it. I took a lot of liberties with this recipe. 

After I split and cut the chicken breasts in half, I did not pound them. My right elbow has been bothering me for a couple of months now (I have self-diagnosed it as vacuum-elbow-itis) and it is too painful to even lift and hold the rolling pin, much less pound the heck out of the chicken breasts. I  sliced them in half and just dredged them in flour, cooked in the skillet as directed and then arranged in the baking dish. 
I also added almost double the amount of mushrooms than what the recipe called for. What can I say, I love mushrooms!  

The chicken literally smothered in mushrooms. 

Topped with grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and ready for the oven. After Christopher told me that his favorite thing about this dish was the cheese, I added a little more. 
Out of the oven, sprinkled with sliced green onions and ready to serve.
Our usual steamed broccoli. Boring but the kids like it and it is easy and quick.
And mashed red potatoes with garlic. 
It was all very good and, since Kevin is out of town, we do have a lot of leftovers so I might be excused from kitchen duty for a night or two.

Well, today was going to be the first time in about 10 days since I have run with the dogs. Although it is still cold, as of last night, the streets were clear of ice and enough snow had melted from the sides of the streets that I thought it was safe enough to take them out with me this morning. Unfortunately, we woke up to this now familiar sight. 
More snow. We didn't get  very much (maybe an inch?) but enough to cause a 2 hour delay for the schools (Fairfax County Public Schools seems to err on the side of caution, not a bad thing) and to prevent me from running. Ugh. 

I notice that it is getting lighter earlier each morning and, even though I do wear a reflective vest and the dogs leashes are reflective, I like knowing that cars can see me a little bit better with the increased light. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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