Friday, June 1, 2012

Set This Circus Down

Happy June!  We begin this month with some exciting (and finally OFFICIAL) news that I can share with you!

In mid-April, Kevin was "invited" (ha!) to consider a senior management position based in Washington.   We had an idea this request might be made of him so it was not a total surprise to us. Early this year, a notice was posted for the position and Kevin thought, because of certain criteria/language in the notice, that it was directed specifically at him.  My immediate response was, "We are not moving.  End of story." He ignored the notice and life went on.  We all know if you ignore something for long enough, it never really was, right?!? Another HA!  February and March came and went and we began to breathe a bit easier thinking we had successfully dodged that bullet. Then, in mid-April, Kevin got an email from (a very important) someone asking him to consider the position.  He called to tell me and I knew the minute I heard his voice that he was going to throw a zinger at me and, boy, was I right.

To make a very long story short, he accepted the position (really, how could he not?) and will begin immediately.  He was notified late last night that all of the approvals had been given and the official announcement would be made today.  Yay!  We had a pretty good idea that it would all work out but until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, we couldn't say anything.  The new position is a great opportunity for him and guarantees that we will be back in the Washington, DC area (which we desperately wanted).

The only major issue with this new position was that we absolutely did not want to move the kids again, especially after having been here for only one year. They are totally thriving in this environment and are doing so well with sports, academics, friends, etc. Nichada/ISB/Bangkok is just a great place for them to be right now. Another (minor) issue was that our home in Fairfax is rented through July 2013.  If we moved back right now, we would be in temporary housing for a year and then move (yet again) into our home after the tenants left.  It would be months of upheaval and chaos for all of us. Fortunately, Kevin was able to negotiate for the kids and I to remain in Bangkok until June 2013.  Until a replacement for his position in Bangkok is found (sometime in 2013, probably June), he will continue to be responsible for his office here.  The current plan is for him to split his time about 50/50 between Washington and here.  It will mean a lot of travel for him and we will certainly  miss him but it really is the best decision for our family at this time.

So, how do we all really feel about this? At the time when we told the kids what was happening, we had no idea if our proposal for Kevin to take the job and the kids and I to stay here would even be considered, much less approved.  We were very honest with the kids and made it clear that, although we hoped to stay for another year, it was very possible that we could be moving to the US right after school ended in June.  As you can imagine, they were devastated - lots and lots of tears from them and me! Fortunately, everything worked out and I think both of them are now comfortable with the change in plans.  At least they know they have a year to enjoy their time here and can mentally prepare for the move.  I don't know what I would have done if we had to leave now, with such short notice.  It took me many months to plan and organize for our move here - I can't imagine planning a move back in less than two months!  Also, I just had the house painted, drapes made and, two weeks ago, Christopher and I finally unpacked the last of his boxes from the move.  Clearly, we are not ready to go just yet.

I am disappointed that we will not be staying for the three years that we had planned.  I really enjoy my life here (who wouldn't?!?) - Kevin is always telling me to enjoy my "vacation".  We do have a wonderful life - we live in the Nichada (aka Disneyland), the kids have settled in fantastically, Kevin loves his job, we have good friends, a lovely home and are doing lots of fun things.  However, I will be honest and say that Simpson's death took away the absolute joy I had in living here.  While I still am quite happy, I feel like I now exist in a perpetual state of anxiety and sadness and I worry constantly about something happening to Sonder.  It is hard to explain but living here just isn't the same for me anymore.

We still have a year here and intend to make the most of that time.  There are a few places we want to travel to - Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and China - as well as sights we want to see around Bangkok and Thailand.  When we do return to Fairfax, we will be in a home we loved, close to family and friends and SETTLED!  Finally!

Have a great Friday and enjoy the first day of June 2012!

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