Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Sure If This Bodes Well For The Future

The ISB Middle School yearbook was released yesterday and it was fun for us to look through it and see how much the kids (and their friends) have grown and changed over the last ten months.  Kevin and I were quite amused to see that Caitlynne was voted "most likely to be a talk show host" and Christopher was voted "most likely to be a nacho chef".  Anyone who knows Caitlynne would not be at all surprised if she were to become a talk show host. In fact, she would probably be quite good at it.  We were a little thrown off with Christopher being a nacho chef.  His Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim taught him to make nachos last summer and he made them for us when we first moved here. A few months ago, his homeroom had a nacho party and, apparently, he took over the nacho making with great success.  It looks like word got out and now it is his destiny.

Both of the kids are on "end of the year" field trips today.  They left ISB early this morning for a local mall (but not the same one) where they will go bowling, have lunch and then see "Madagascar 3". Kevin's office is having their "Hail and Farewell" get together this late afternoon so I will pick the kids up from school and we will run a few errands at the Embassy before going over to his office.

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of school. This year has certainly flown by. Computers and ID cards have been turned in, lockers have been cleaned out and the kids brought all of their papers and projects home (and promptly threw them in the trash bin). There will be a lengthy assembly tomorrow morning and then they will be dismissed about 11.30 am.  Final grades are posted tomorrow afternoon so we will know immediately how they did during the last quarter and on their final exams. I hope there aren't any surprises! So, that's it. Our first year at ISB was completed very successfully.  I couldn't be happier with the school, the teachers, the resources/facilities and, most especially, with how Caitlynne and Christopher settled in.  It was almost too easy.

Have a great Thursday!

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