Saturday, June 9, 2012

700 Miles!

Yesterday morning, I ran five miles to put me at 704 miles into my transcontinental run. Here is where I "was"...

704.0 mi - "0.50 mi to Vincent, KY", Owsley County

"Section: 11 Map Name: Booneville, 129"
My progress across Kentucky...
My progress across the United States... 
When we first moved to Bangkok, I was worried that the heat and humidity would force me to decrease my mileage.  However, my mileage in April and May was the highest it has been since we moved here and, the last three weeks, I have run 30+ miles each week.  Since running relieves my stress and is the best therapy (for me), I am not too sure what that says about the state of my mental health.

I am going on the pottery tour today and hope to have a great post for tomorrow to recap my trip!

Have a great Saturday!

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