Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seattle - Day Two

Despite our best intentions to get up early Friday morning and run, Kevin and I both slept until almost 10:00 am.  That might have been a record for me!  Caitlynne and Christopher woke up just before 11:00 am - the long hours spent traveling and crossing over several time zones hit us hard.  Since we got such a late start, by the time we all got ready and out of the house, it was just about lunchtime.  Michael and Sheena took us to this AMAZING restaurant, Duke's, located on the waterfront in Tacoma.  All of the seafood was so fresh and everyone was very happy with what they ordered.  The restaurant also had a wide selection of microbrews on tap which made Kevin very happy.  Sheena, Michael and I each had fish tacos and a cup of clam chowder...
 And, just when we thought it couldn't get much better...
For dessert, we went to "Hello Cupcake" a boutique (cupcakes only) bakery in Old Town Tacoma.    
Caitlynne in front of the bakery.
The girls patiently waiting for Sheena and I to finish with our picture taking.
My sweet and happy nephew, Declan.  
Clearly a "Keating", he polished the icing off in just a few minutes and showed no interest whatsoever in the cake.  Messy boy!
The girls.
The bakery also offered a selection of fancy candies.
It had been overcast and drizzling all morning and, by the time we finished at Hello Cupcake, it was raining quite heavily.  The rain limited our options for activities and, after much discussion, we decided to go to the mall for the afternoon and have a look around.  After dinner, Michael and Kevin took all of the kids to watch the Rainiers' (Seattle's minor league baseball team) game.  
Sheena and I chose to stay home and catch up over a couple of dirty martinis.  
It was cold and rainy at the baseball game so they left the game early and returned home. We later found out that the cold weather had set a record low of 52 degrees for June 22nd.  Brrrr.... For us, coming from the 95 degree weather in Bangkok to 52 degrees in Seattle was definitely a shock to our systems. We were all bundled up in sweatshirts, scarves and blankets.   Surprisingly, the cold weather did not stop the kids from making slushy virgin raspberry cosmopolitans.  
It was another late night but we were having such a great time!

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