Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crazy Busy!

Just about 4 more days until we leave for our trip back to the U.S. for the summer!  Yay!  We are all so excited and it seems like the hours are just dragging...

In addition to packing, I have been busy trying to get the house organized before we leave (primarily having the kids sort out their rooms) and planning for anything PeePorn might need to take care of in our absence.  Kevin will be home for about two weeks in mid-July so if anything unexpected comes up, he can deal with it then.  On top of getting us ready to leave early Thursday morning, the company in Northern Virginia that I do occasional consulting work for sent me six contracts to review this week.  I began to work this company when Caitlynne was about four - it has always been part-time and I was able to work from home so it was the perfect job for me when the kids were little and Kevin was traveling so much and working long hours.  Thanks to the internet, I have been very fortunate to continue the arrangement during our time in Australia, Miami and Thailand.  Sometimes, the time difference makes things a little tricky but, otherwise, it is just like I am back home in Fairfax.  I love getting the work but it is always feast or famine and the feast usually happens at very busy times for me.  I will have to be very efficient with my time for the next few days!

Christopher returned home early Friday morning.  As I expected, he did not shower once. He did brush his teeth though so I can't complain too much.  He did eat some fruit - four lychees, some berries that they picked off of a bush and some kind of fruit that he did not recognize. It was a great experience for him and he was exposed to a lot of new people and different situations.  Every now and then, he relates something about their stay that reinforces what a unique experience it was for him - the guppies that would get caught in the pockets of their shorts or in their water boots, he and his friend getting bit by a (young) snapping turtle, or them catching the eels & catfish that were intruding in the fish pond.  The Thai workers took a liking to him (they love the blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin!) and invited him to their "homes".  Christopher commented that the Thai workers lived in conditions that were even worse than the shack.  As bad as the living conditions were for the Thais, they said the jobs at the hatchery paid well.  I asked Christopher about the short work day (9 am - noon & 1 pm - 3 pm) and he said everyone worked really hard for those five hours and got a lot done.

Kevin returned from an uneventful trip to Afghanistan and is busy planning his schedule for the next six months or so.  He will return to Bangkok with us in early August and will then begin splitting his time between here and Washington.

Okay, I need to get out and run before the sun comes up!  The monsoon season has definitely arrived and afternoon and evening storms are now the norm.  It is nice to have the rain but it feels like a sauna outside and it can be brutal when the sun comes out.

Have a great Saturday!   

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