Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's All Good

I sent Christopher a text message early yesterday afternoon but didn't hear back from him until almost 6:00 pm.  I was starting to get a little worried but, just as I began to get dinner together for Caitlynne and I, he called.  I thought for sure he was going to ask if I would come and pick him and his friend, Kevin, up and bring them home.  Not the case at all! He is having a great time. 

He said the working hours are 9 am - noon and 1 pm - 3 pm, not a long day by any means.  However, since there is nothing to do for fun around the hatchery, he wishes they could stay and work longer. He and Kevin are responsible for cleaning nets and also help to move nets between the fish ponds.  Yesterday, one of the ponds was drained and they had to catch all of the fish in it and relocate them to another pond.  He said they wear the same clothes each day to work in and hang them out overnight to dry.  I didn't even ask if he has showered yet (or even plans to).  I am sure, in his mind, he is not getting dirty because he is working in the water all day. If this is indeed the case, I am very happy that Kevin's mom is the one picking them up on Friday!   

When I spoke with him yesterday evening, he and Kevin had just returned from playing volleyball with the other workers. Everyone has been very nice to them.  There are only a few people who speak English but Kevin speaks fluent Thai and can help with translations or if they have questions or need something. Christopher said they went to sleep at 8 pm on Monday and woke up at 8 am Tuesday.  If nothing else, he will return on Friday very well rested!  They had their Ramen noodles for dinner Monday night and he thought that was on the menu for last night as well.  He and Kevin did ride on the back of one of the student's motorbike into the village to buy lunch yesterday. I wasn't too thrilled when I heard that but one of the "goals" of this trip is for him to manage for a few days on his own while exploring new opportunities and experiences in a very different environment. Even if those experiences and opportunities aren't exactly what I would want or choose for him, it is all part of him gaining more independence and becoming more self-reliant.  I tend to indulge him a little too much so this is definitely a learning/letting go exercise for both of us!  I did ask him to please pick up a piece or two of fruit from the market if he goes to the village tomorrow.  I expect that he is going to have some digestive issues if he doesn't eat any fruit or veg for 5 days!  

I was so relieved to know that it was all working out well and that they were having a great time.  I still didn't sleep well last night but at least I wasn't worrying about him like I did Monday night.

Caitlynne and I went to the Babies' Home yesterday morning.  We are going to go a few extra times this week and next before we leave for the US for the summer. 
Here is my little guy...
He is now pushing himself up onto his hands and knees so he will probably begin to crawl while we are gone.  Right now, he gets where he wants to go by rolling or spinning himself around on his tummy.  

Have a great Wednesday!

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