Monday, June 11, 2012

Pottery Trip Part Two

Since we had some extra time before lunch, our tour guides for the pottery trip offered to take us for a quick visit to a riverside market.  Similar to all of the Thai, Burmese and Laotian markets that we have been to, this one was crowded, chaotic and stinky but wow, what a sight to see!  

I have no idea what some of the food/fruit/veggies are in these photos - if I did know, I commented.  You can get a very good idea from these photos as to the "vibe" of the market and what is on offer. It was just about lunchtime and there was a lot to chose from (if you were so inclined)...
The photo below is of Thai candies.  I believe I heard that they are made out of bean paste but do not know that for sure.  I have never tasted them - they do look pretty though!
Some kind of fish stew or soup...
 The fruits in the photos below are pomelo.  
I think these are broad beans.
Mounds of shallots and garlic.
In the photo below, the fruits in the top bin (that looks similar - from afar- to an artichoke) are called Custard Apple.  The fruits in the bottom bin are Asian Pears. 
Water lotus flowers. 
Chili peppers! So pretty!  
I am on a mission to find out what kind of fruit this is... 
 Star fruit. 
 Cut orchids.
 No idea what this vegetable is but it sure looked interesting...
Mangoes, papaya and custard apples. 
Lots of Fish!                          
Food prepped and ready to be cooked for the lunch crowds.
 Spices and sauces.
 More Thai candies.
Piles of dried anchovies.
 More Thai candies.
 More pomelos.
 The vendor below is selling Rose Apples.
I saved the best for last!  
Ducks waiting to be fried.
You get a bonus serving of protein with all of those flies!
Ducks in the fryer.
 Fried duck.
 Fried fish.
Not very appetizing!  
Have a great Monday!

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