Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seattle - Day Three

I am trying to finish the recap of our Seattle trip before we leave for New York early tomorrow morning so this might be a "three post" day!

Saturday morning, Kevin and I did manage to get up early and go out for a run.  It wasn't raining (yet) but the air still felt cold and damp.  The hills around Michael and Sheena's home just about did us in.  You are either going uphill or you are going downhill.  There didn't seem to be any flat areas at all and, wow, the hills are STEEP! What a view though!
After our run, we all feasted on bagels topped with a variety of cream cheeses from Panera.  It began to rain (again) but we decided to continue on with our planned activity for the day... a two hour ride on the vintage Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad train.   We had to catch the train in Elbe, a small town near the Mount Rainier National Park and about 1 1/2 hours southeast of Gig Harbor.  
Despite the rain and fog, we did have some nice views of the National Park during the ride.  Mount Rainier was under complete cloud cover but since we had such a nice view of it in Gig Harbor on Thursday, we weren't too disappointed that it wasn't visible. 
It was cold though!
By the time the train ride finished and we returned home, dried off and thawed out, the sun decided to make an appearance. Finally! Michael, Kevin and the kids took advantage of the nicer weather and went down to the beach on the edge of the neighborhood.
Christopher was not happy that he had to take a photo with his sister! 
I am not sure if Christopher is skipping stones or practicing his golf swing!
Another busy but fun day in the Pacific Northwest!

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