Thursday, December 20, 2012

Over The Rainbow

A couple of Caitlynne's friends wanted to organize a little surprise party for her on Wednesday afternoon. They took care of the decorations...

  Before she arrived...

The birthday tree...
Since Caitlynne never really decided what she wanted to do for her birthday and hadn't requested anything special as far as a cake goes, I had a little leeway here and tried to be creative. The cake was supposed to be purple but turned out to be more of a periwinkle color. She didn't care though - it was close enough to purple for her! I added the sprinkles to brighten it up a bit and to help hide the horrible job I did of icing the cake. 
I am not sure what happened to the icing but it literally rolled down the sides of the the cake.
She has the nicest group of girlfriends!

Yesterday was the Middle School Olympic Day (I posted here about this event last year). I was not able to go this year as I had to run a few errands downtown and finish up with birthday and Christmas present shopping. Both of the kids had fun although Christopher was disappointed as he was not able to go all out in his events because he still doesn't feel 100%. Caitlynne did really well in the shot put and the softball throw events.

Today is the last day of school until after the holiday break - school is dismissed at 11:30 am though so it isn't even a full day for them. A lot of families have already left Bangkok to begin their holiday vacations and trips and Nichada is very quiet. Caitlynne has a babysitting job for most of this afternoon and evening/night. Christopher is playing in a baseball tournament that is being hosted at ISB and his first game is today at 1 pm with another game at 5 pm. He will play in two more games tomorrow and then one on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how he does as he hasn't played or practiced in about 2 weeks. His birthday is on Sunday as well and he is trying to decide how we will celebrate after baseball is finished. He has several ideas and just needs to pick one so I can finalize our plans.

We made it to December 21, 2012 safe and sound on this side of the world! 
Have a great Friday!

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