Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Boys

Christopher took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon and was in bed and asleep by 6:30 pm. I was not thrilled to see Sonder sleeping on the bed (AGAIN!) but he has a sixth sense about providing comfort and obviously knew where he was needed.

Christopher is not doing too well today and, although I had a few things planned with a friend, I decided to stay home with him. His fever is still very high and he is showing no signs of improving. In fact, he seems to be getting sicker by the hour. If things don't drastically change for the better this afternoon/tonight, I will take him down to the doctor at the Embassy tomorrow. 

I have been eating these oranges by the handful & hoping that the Vitamin C will keep me from getting whatever Christopher has! These are the best oranges EVER. They are so sweet and juicy. They are supposed to be seedless but every now and then a seed makes an appearance. 
Since I am literally sitting at home with the sickie and have very little to do, I am wasting spending a lot of time on Pinterest. I have a few projects in mind for our kitchen in Virginia and have been searching on PInterest for ideas. 

I hope to end up with a combination of these three photos...white cabinets, wood counter-tops  glass on a couple of the cabinet doors and open shelving. I will pass on the aqua paint though.

I love the bead board back-splash in the photo below. I was convinced that I wanted subway tile but then I saw this photo... I might have to change my mind. I have plenty of time to make a decision after all. Or find another option all together.
 An idea for our breakfast nook. This would work perfectly in our home.
Since I hope to do a lot of the work myself (pick yourself up off the floor and try to control your laughter), I have also been searching on YouTube for tutorials and DIY info. The internet is such an amazing invention (thanks Al Gore) and I have found tutorials for the 3 or 4 projects that I think I am capable of doing. I also found a tutorial on how to build a mantel (which our fireplace lacks) but I think that will be a job for Kevin. I am sure he will thank me later. 

There are so many great holiday craft and decorating ideas on Pinterest. This will be one of my first holiday projects next year. I love it!
This pin made me laugh. So true!
Have a great Thursday.

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