Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should I be concerned that Christopher came home from school and told me he was banned from speaking with a British accent in class?!? I almost don't want to know but I am sure I will get the full scoop from Caitlynne! 

We spend almost all of our weekend at the baseball & softball fields. Caitlynne had a game Friday night, Christopher had two games Saturday and then he had practice for the travel team on Sunday. Caitlynne's team won their game 11-6. She hit two home runs and a triple - probably her best game ever! Christopher's team lost both of their games which was a little disappointing but what can you do? I was just happy when the last of 14 innings of baseball was OVER! His travel team is preparing for another tournament but this one will be held in Bangkok (at ISB) - so not really any actual traveling involved. He is dropping down an age division to play on the Bangkok U13 team as there is not a Bangkok U15 team for this tournament. The tournament rules state that all players must be under 13 on the day the tournament starts (December 21st) and, since his birthday is on December 23rd, he will just barely qualify. 

Sunday afternoon, my obsessive compulsive nature kicked in and I decorated the house for Christmas. The kids and I went back and forth about whether or not we should put up a tree this year. With Kevin gone until right before Christmas and our trip to China immediately after Christmas, it didn't seem like we would be home enough to enjoy it. However, once the rest of the house was decorated, the holiday spirit kicked in and we decided we will put it up. We have never not had a tree so I am glad we are not breaking with tradition. Tomorrow, I will haul it out and and see if I can get it up without Kevin's help. 

I also spent a lot of time on Sunday organizing boxes and items in our storage area (a.k.a. the shower in our lower level bathroom). I am trying to sort through all of our "stuff" and get rid of those things that we no longer use or want. I figure that I can sort and throw away now or I can sort and throw away in June. 

My organized chaos (before).
PeePorn made this delicious wing bean salad for our dinner.
It was so good but I had to de-head the shrimp (gross!) as soon as she left and before the kids saw or else they would not have touched it. 
 She also made small chicken legs (drumettes maybe?) baked in a sweet chili sauce.
Since we are so busy with baseball and softball, PeePorn is doing a lot more of the cooking for me. It certainly helps to not to have to think about making something for dinner at 7:00 at night!

Just for the heck of it, these are koi in a small water garden at ISB. 
Have a great Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

My 5 yr old pre- k'er who is born and raised in Ireland until the start of the school year now says things like "you got to be kidding me" and "awesome!". There is only 1 American kid in her class!