Friday, December 14, 2012

I REALLY Didn't Want To Write This Post

Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon! 

After a horrible night of high temperatures and vomiting, I took Christopher into the Embassy's medical clinic early this morning. The good news is that he will be okay (and, in fact, he has improved tremendously since lunchtime). The bad news is that it took us 7 hours to get that diagnosis. Not that I am complaining... his condition last night put me in a mild panic and I was  pretty certain that we were going to end up at the Emergency Room before the morning. However, he made it through the night and we headed downtown to the Embassy at the crack of dawn. Actually, even a little bit earlier than that. 

He had a blood test, a throat culture and some other test, all of which came back negative for the flu, strep throat and whatever else. Just to be sure, the doctor sent us over to the hospital to have chest x-rays taken so she could absolutely rule out pneumonia. The x-rays showed no problems with his lungs & chest, thank goodness. After going back to the clinic to meet with the doctor again, she prescribed some very strong cough medicine for him and we headed home. He really looks much better than he did this morning. I hope with a good night's sleep, a lot of fluids and something to eat, he will wake up as good as new (or close to it!).  Whew! 

This has been a very long week. 

Have a great Friday!

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