Sunday, December 9, 2012

On The Loose

Caitlynne and I were on the way to the orthodontist early Saturday morning when we came across these two water buffaloes wandering on the street right outside of Nichada. While it is not uncommon to see water buffalo grazing outside the Nichada "expressway" gate, usually they are tethered. These guys must have escaped or were cut loose. 
Obviously, we gave them the right of way!
On their way to greener grass.
I took the photo below at ISB. It is a display set up in honor of the King's Birthday last week. There are similar displays all over Bangkok.  

Today is a Thai national holiday to celebrate Constitution Day. The current constitution was adopted in 2007 to replace the interim constitution that was put into place after the September 2006 coup. The Embassy is closed (not that it matters to me since Kevin is on travel) but the school is open. So, really just a normal day for our family.

Christopher's baseball team had a rough couple of games this weekend and lost both games they played. One was particularly painful with a final score of 22-6. I don't know how much longer the kids can continue to lose like this before their enthusiasm for the game is dampened. Christopher was very disappointed with the losses and although he knows "it is just a game", it isn't any fun to lose (and lose so badly) all of the time. And, really, it is not fun for the other teams to win by such a big margin. The kids want to play well and play competitively and when the score is so lopsided, it brings everyone down. Sigh. 

He did pitch well in both games and had some great hits and plays in the field as shortstop and catcher so all was not lost. Some random photos (courtesy of Brian Vogel)...

I have given up trying to launder all of the orange out of his pants. If it weren't so hot here, I would make him wear black pants! After their game on Saturday, one of the boys on his team was orange from head to toe. I did not envy his mother one bit! 

Fortunately, things went much better on the softball field for Caitlynne and I. Friday night, Caitlynne's team won their game against a team we lost to a few weeks ago. The girls played so well and every aspect of their game has improved. They are fielding really well and have learned some defensive strategy so we are getting the outs. Their hitting has been amazing - Friday night, they were hitting balls left and right into the outfield. I think every girl on the team had at least one hit. We lost Saturday's game but it was a good loss in that we were down by 9 runs going up for our last at bat and came back to lose by only 2 runs! The girls put their rally caps on and it was a very exciting finish. I love coaching these girls and sitting in the dug out with them during the games. They are a really nice group and very supportive and encouraging of each other. I saw Brian (the photographer) at our game on Saturday so, hopefully, I will have some photos to post after he uploads them. 

Have a great Monday!

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