Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Olympics

ISB Middle School Olympics that is! All of the middle school students (grades 6, 7 and 8) were split into four teams (red, yellow, blue and green) for the competitions. The Opening Ceremonies began at 7.30 am, the Games commenced shortly thereafter and, after taking a short break for lunch, events continued until 2.00 pm. Whew, it was a LONG (and hot) day for all of these kids!  

The Opening Ceremonies...  
The Flag bearers lining up in preparation for their entrance. A student carried a flag for each country that is represented at the school. 
Christopher was chosen to carry the flag for Ireland!
 Caitlynne on the bleachers with her friends.
All of the countries lined up in the gym.
A traditional Thai dance was performed.  
Everyone moved outside for the torch relay around the track and the lighting of the Olympic Flame.
Christopher at the start line for the one mile run.
 And they are off!
One more lap to go!
Caitlynne and her friends warming up for the basketball tournament.
Stretching is always very important. Her team (three boys, two girls) won their first two games and then lost the third.
Christopher at the start for the 100 meter dash - he placed 1st in his heat! He also came in 1st for the softball throw and ran on the relay team but I left before they finished that event.  
Tomorrow is an early dismissal to begin our 3 week winter break. It seems that most ex-pats go abroad for the winter and summer breaks - either back to the U.S., to Europe or to South America. It is already much quieter around Nichada and there wasn't a lot of traffic on my way to school this morning. We will stay in Bangkok until just after Christmas. Since both of the kids' birthdays are next week, it seemed  easier to stay here and let them do their birthday "thing"  with whatever friends are still in town. I am going to plan a few activities around town for us next week as there is still a lot that we haven't seen or done in Bangkok. Now that the flood waters have receded and we have our car, we can get around to most places quite easily. 

After Christmas, we are going to a small town, Cha-am, on the West Coast of the Gulf of Thailand for almost a week. Cha-am looks to be about a two hour drive for us and it will be good to have our own car so we can do a bit of exploring on the way down and around that area. We have heard great things about this town and are really looking forward to seeing another part of Thailand. 

Have a great Thursday!  

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Wow! they go all out over there! Matching uniforms and all! I love it!