Saturday, December 22, 2012


I love the 2013 White House Christmas Ornament!

PeePorn made two new dishes for our dinner last night. Both were amazingly good.

Dish Numero Uno. She told me this is called "Yam Woonsen". Sauteed ground chicken, bean thread noodles, red bell pepper, celery, carrots, and scallions are lightly tossed together and topped with a savory dressing (fish sauce, lemon juice, chilies and sugar) and then garnished with toasted peanuts, sliced tomato and chopped cilantro. This dish ranks right up there with the pomelo salad in our books.

Dish Numero Dos. I think this dish is something she made without using a recipe. It is a  baked salmon filet served in a thick, slightly spicy peanut sauce with grape tomatoes and mangosteen (the white things on the plate - at first, I thought they were scallops). 
And the fresh fruit plate - passion-fruit and rock melon (aka cantaloupe). The passion-fruit looks kind of gross on the inside (like frog eggs) but it has a very nice sweet-sour taste.

We were back on the ball field bright and early this morning for an 8:30 game. Christopher's team won their first game yesterday (against Beijing) 5-2. Christopher played first base, pitched and caught and he did very well at those positions. His hitting was just okay. In fact, he should have been thrown out at first on one of his hits but, because of fielding errors and his speed, he was able to get a home run out of it. His team lost their second game 9-0 and, with the way they played, it really should have been much worse. I think all of the runs scored were on errors. It was like our kids had never fielded a ball before. So frustrating to sit in the stands and watch. 

The team they lost to is another Bangkok team but it is comprised of boys from a Japanese baseball academy here in Thailand. The kids that play for this team are all hoping to make the Japanese Little League team so they literally live and breathe baseball while training at the academy. They were very good but, had we not played so poorly, I think we could have given them some good competition. 

Have a great Saturday!

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