Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday To The King

The kids were off from school yesterday in celebration of the King's Birthday. King Bhumibol Adulyadej turned 85 this year and, although he is ill and very frail, he did make a very rare public appearance yesterday.  
(photo courtesy of The Bangkok Post)

This appearance was a BIG deal. The King is incredibly revered in Thailand - as evidenced by the huge crowds that turned out to celebrate his birthday. Yellow is the King's favorite color (not to be confused with the "yellow shirts" I wrote about here) and is also associated with Monday, the day on which the King was born.
 (photo courtesy of The Nation)
All around Bangkok there were parades and celebrations. In the evening, fireworks exploded everywhere! 
 (photos courtesy of The Bangkok Post) 
Needless to say, we stayed far, far away from downtown! PeePorn went and she said the crowds were very big but everyone was happy and peaceful. 

I did put the Christmas tree up yesterday. Whew! It was a lot of work getting it out of PeePorn's "room", fixing all of the lights, setting it up and, finally, decorating. By 7:00 pm, I was done. Literally and figuratively. Caitlynne suggested putting the tree in the corner of our living room this year and I think it looks much better there than where we had it last year. 

 The view from the second level.
 I love the reflection of the tree in the two photos below.

I also did something a little different with the "birthday" tree. Every year since Kevin and I met (in 1993), his mother has given me the annual White House Ornament. I have quite a collection now and this year I decided to hang them all on the smaller tree. 
Some of these ornaments are just beautiful. Caitlynne and I decided these were our top 6 favorites (in no particular order).

Random photos of holiday decorations. 

Christopher and I are hosting five former pro & current college baseball players for dinner this evening. The group is visiting from the U.S. to provide a week of skills clinics and practice sessions to BBSA players. PeePorn made a fruit plate and a beautiful salad and I am making baked ziti and garlic bread. 

Have a great Thursday!

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