Sunday, April 7, 2013


After my Earth-Bangkok-Sun photo from yesterday, I had to post this picture (photo credit to Logan Wallace) taken at Virginia Tech on Friday during an April snowstorm (which led to the university being closed)...
 And then I saw this...
I read in the Washington Post that the National Park Service has revised the window for the peak bloom of D.C.'s famed cherry blossoms to April 6-10 because the recent chilly weather has slowed the emergence of the blossoms. The photos below were taken over the last few days in D.C. 

My favorite season in my favorite city.

I am guessing that the scaffolding around the Washington Monument (photo below) is necessary to repair the damage to the Monument caused by the earthquake last year.
(photo credits to Kevin Ambrose - Washington Post)

The Jefferson Memorial & the Tidal Basin - Cherry Blossom central in DC.
(photo credit to Denis Govoni - Washington Post)

Up the street, at my alma mater in Northwest DC, it sure looks like Spring! 
(Instagram - photo credit to @markus_the_rask)

Have a great Tuesday! 

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