Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her Name Ain't Grace

Cailtynne was walking backwards in P.E. class this morning and tripped over her own foot. The school nurse called me and said that her ankle was very swollen and she couldn't put any weight on it so they wanted me to take her and have it x-rayed. Fortunately, the x-ray showed that it was not broken but the doctor said she tore several ligaments Her foot is now in a cast and she is on crutches. The cast will be changed in a week once the swelling goes down and then that cast will be removed after another two weeks.

She had important presentation in her Humanities class this afternoon so I took her back to school after we finished at the hospital. Since she was so wobbly on the crutches, we put her in a wheelchair for the rest of the day.

Never a dull moment! And, yet once again, Kevin misses out on the excitement.

For those of you in the Nichada / Pak Kret / Nonthaburi area, I took her to the brand new World Medical Center located on Chaengwatthana, just West of Central Plaza. Wow! What a great experience! ISB had called ahead and they (three staff members) were waiting for us, wheelchair at the ready as soon as I pulled up. She was checked in, examined and having her ankle x-rayed less than 15 minutes after we walked into the hospital. Honestly, the longest time of our visit was spent teaching Caitlynne how to use the crutches and having her do some strengthening exercises with the physical therapist. The facility was immaculate (as it should be, being brand new), the staff (of which there were many) could either speak decent English or quickly found someone who could and the parking was plentiful. We were in and out of the hospital in less than 2 hours. I would highly recommend it. 

Have a great Thursday! Hopefully, it will be better than mine was.

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