Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shameless Theft

Yesterday evening, my cousin was married in Florida and my parents, brother, SIL, sister, BIL as well as assorted aunts, uncles and other cousins were all attendance. I was looking at photos this morning on Facebook and ended up sad and missing everyone tremendously. It is times like these that I hate living overseas and one reason (of many) that I am glad to be moving back home. When we lived in Australia, we missed three family weddings and, living in Bangkok, we missed Erin & Tom's wedding yesterday and we will miss another cousin's wedding at the end of May. It is nice to have connection provided by the internet sister and SIL posted a few "play by play" photos which I shamelessly stole to post here. 

An absolutely beautiful sunrise in Del Ray Beach, Florida. Those colors are unbelievable.
Ready to walk up the aisle.
Congratulations to a beautiful couple! 
Kevin left yesterday morning for D.C. He returns to Bangkok in early May and then he will have just one more trip before our PCS (permanent change of station). While all of these back and forths have not been the greatest for our family, the time has gone by quickly and it is almost over. 

I was so busy this week with move-related "stuff" - withdrawing the kids from ISB, completing the paperwork to register them in school in Fairfax, registering the kids for summer camps in Virginia, researching cars, sorting through all of this stuff that we have accumulated... it always seems that there is something to do. 

We were finally able to purchase the plane tickets for our flight home in June - fortunately, we were able to get them for the date and on the carrier that we wanted to fly on so that is a big "to do" crossed off of our list.  I still need to figure out how to get Sonder home but Kevin has an issue to resolve while he is in DC before we can arrange Sonder's travel with the airline. I hope we can work it so he flies with us as unaccompanied baggage but it just might not be possible and he might need to fly ahead of us or on a different airline. Ugh. 

I am so envious that Kevin is going back to cooler weather. A friend posted this photo and I have to share - so true!
The rainy season *should* begin soon and, while it will still be like a sauna around here, at least the rain will wash away some of the dirt, dust and pollen that has accumulated over the last few weeks. Everything is so dirty!  

Have a great Monday!

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