Friday, April 26, 2013

One Five Double Zero

This morning, I reached 1,500 miles in my transcontinental run! 

I only had six miles to run to get to 1,500 and, although it took me almost three hours to get them in, I did it. Christopher needed to be at ISB this morning at 6:20 to catch the bus to his volleyball tournament so I had to work my run around that. At 5 a.m., I ran 2.5 miles with Sponder, brought him back to the house, ran another 1.5 on my own, took Christopher to school, went back home to inhale a protein shake and then went out to run the final two miles. Whew! Thank goodness I did it and I can now sleep in tomorrow. I am going downtown with some friends this evening to a wine & tapas bar and it will be nice to have a glass or two of wine and not worry about getting up to run in the morning. 

It was an entirely different world running later in the morning. I saw so many people that I knew and there were a lot of kids going to school for the various sports tournaments. Not as quiet and peaceful as my earlier morning runs but certainly more to distract me and make the time go by faster. 

Here is where I am at 1500.0 mi - "0.48 mi to Ash Grove, MO", Greene County
"Section: 9 Map Name: Ash Grove, 103"

I am still In Missouri but pretty close to Kansas.
Unfortunately, I am still not yet halfway across the country.
My short-term goal is to run out of Missouri and into Kansas before we move from Thailand. I can't figure out what that exact mileage is but, based on the distance shown on the map above and barring any injury, that should be easy for me to do. My long-term goal is to reach the halfway point (2031.50 miles) of this transcontinental run by the end of the year. In order to accomplish that, I will need to run 531.50 miles (about 67 per month) by December 31st which should definitely be doable for me. If I reach the halfway point by the end of the year, it will have taken me two years (!!!) to have gotten there... so another two years of running and I will be at the Pacific Ocean. 

I wish I had thought to keep track of the miles that Sonder has run with me. I begin almost all of my runs with him and we go about 3-4 miles together before I bring him back to the house and continue for another 2-3 miles on my own. When it isn't too hot and humid, he is fine with that distance. I do keep an eye on him when it is warm and make sure we stop at a couple of places where he can get some water and rest a minute or two. He is going to be 7 years old in July so it might be time to start reducing his mileage as well. 

Sonder loves to run with me and, for the most part, he is a good running partner. However, there are days - like this morning - when he seems to push every one of my buttons. A sniff every two feet, a pee on every corner, pulling on the leash to chase after a cat, squirrel, bird, etc. It drives me crazy! 

Have a great Saturday!

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