Monday, April 1, 2013

A Sign Of A Good Time

Christopher totally zonked as soon as the plane lifted off from Singapore yesterday afternoon.
Our team did not do as well in the tournament as we hoped we would. The team played 6 games over 4 days and we won 2 of those games to finish 5th in the tournament. Not the greatest finish but the boys played hard and played well. Except for one game (which they ended up losing 17-1), they kept their attitudes positive and were very supportive of each other. I think everyone would like to forget the 17-1 loss - it went from bad to worse to horrible very quickly. The boys got so down on themselves and the mood in the dugout was not good at all. 

Christopher hit really well the first two days, not so great the 3rd day and then much better during their final game. This is the "press release" for our first game as generated by our scorekeeper's computer application.

Kotaro leads Bangkok Travel Team 15U to 9-5 victory

An impressive two-way performance from Kotaro led Bangkok Travel Team 15U to a 9-5 win Wednesday over Jakarta, as Kotaro came up huge at the dish and on the hill. 

Kotaro put himself in scoring position with two extra-base hits for Bangkok Travel Team 15U. He homered in the first inning and doubled in the fifth inning. 

Kotaro looked sharp on the mound. Kotaro held Jakarta hitless over 1 1/3 innings, allowed no earned runs, walked none and struck out one. 

Alex, Chris K. and Kotaro helped lead Bangkok Travel Team 15U. They combined for five hits and five RBIs.

Christopher played second base on the first day of the tournament and did well there. However, he was moved to third base on the second day and he stayed there for the rest of the tournament. Christopher has played third base before but he was usually not the coaches first (or second) choice for that position as his arm just wasn't strong enough to make the long throw over to first base. Well, he must have been eating his Wheaties lately because he did an amazing job at third! So much so that he earned the nickname "Vacuum" from the coach of an opposing team. In the last game we played, it seemed that every other hit went in the direction of third base and he was able to scoop them up and throw over to 1st base for the out. He also had a nice double play at third & first earlier in the tournament. He pitched 4-5 innings over the tournament and was the starting pitcher for one game (which always makes his mother very nervous). The difference between how he played in this tournament and the Thanksgiving tournament was so noticeable - his skills & abilities were much more improved and he had a lot more confidence (and a bigger ego).

Christopher's first at bat in the tournament.
Another game, on first.

 The big picture.
He made it to second.
Unfortunately, the weather in Singapore was typical and afternoon storms, complete with thunder and lightning, caused long rain delays for us on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.We were lucky on Saturday - we finished our game and, just as we had all gotten on the bus to return to the hotel, it started to storm again.
 Waiting out a rain delay.
The Tournament concludes with an Awards Banquet which was held at the Orchid Country Club. A favorite SEAYBST tradition is for the kids to trade team jerseys, hats, practice shirts, etc. with players from the other teams at the Banquet. I was talking with someone and had to laugh a little when this cute girl walked by me.

 Leave it to Christopher to go right to the girls' teams for his trades.
As much as I loved Christopher playing in this tournament, the practices and all of my work as the SEAYBST Director for Bangkok added a lot to our already busy schedules (and my stress level). Christopher made the ISB U13 boys' volleyball team and Caitlynne is playing for the U15 girls' softball team so those games and practices will now fill the "SEAYBST" time. Does it ever end?!?

I have several move-related "to do" lists floating around in my head but I don't want to put them on paper until I have some downtime and can unwind from SEAYBST. I know the move will be here before we know it but a day or two of me doing nothing won't hurt too much.

Happy Belated Easter to those who celebrate.

Have a great Monday.

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