Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Worth The Trip

Only in New York!
Although the Giants lost (to Dallas - blah!) on Sunday, at least they played better than that train-wreck of a team, the Redskins. Now, that game was painful to watch! At least if you were a Redskins' fan.

I had a great time in Philadelphia and New York catching up with my housemates and friends from college over the weekend. It has been 9 years since we were all together (at my home in Virginia) but nothing had changed. My roommate (a Kristen also) and I drove to Philadelphia on Friday and there wasn't a moment of silence in the car. We joked that we solved the Syrian crisis, the Middle Eastern Crisis and formulated a plan for world peace on that trip. The chattering only increased when we met up with Kelly and Gail. So much fun to see these girls! 

The girls at Carmine's for dinner.
The girls and our friend, Pete.
While we were at dinner, Pete had great news to announce. We were so happy to be there and share in the celebration of his being cancer-free!
He will still be monitored and scanned regularly but, at this time, whatever very powerful chemo cocktail they were treating him with seems to have eradicated the cancer. After talking with him and hearing the nitty-gritty details of his journey, I can only say that his doctor at Sloan-Kettering is a miracle worker and Pete is the miracle. 

The food at Carmine's was amazing! About 25 people attended the dinner and Pete said we ate close to 40 pounds of food. 

My friend's cute cocktail napkins.
I will be back tomorrow with a big update and lots of photos of the house renovation. The work is really moving along these days. Dan said he couldn't promise anything, but there *might* be some tile laid on Friday.

Have a great Monday.

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