Friday, September 20, 2013

While The Checkbook Is Open...

This week, we had some work done on the septic system to (hopefully) prolong the life of our septic field and make it easier for us to maintain. The dogs were completely fascinated with the earth-mover. They watched the workmen from the sun-room and, as soon as the workers left, they went outside to sniff it all out.
A new valve to switch between the two drain fields was installed.

We had a cap installed over the area where the system is pumped out.  

The work was finished yesterday afternoon and we are just waiting for the county to inspect before it can be filled in.  
Tuesday evening, we had dinner with my cousin Patrick, his wife Merrily and Fogo, their very well-traveled dog. After a visit to Florida, they are now driving their way back up the East Coast to their home on Cape Cod (I know, how incredibly lucky are they?!?) and stopped at Jim and Jan's for the night. 
We gave Fogo a break and didn't introduce him to these two wild and crazy boys. 

My running socks have become a preferred "steal" for these two. 
The tile has all been installed on the lower level and Mimmo and Dan are  working on the grout this morning.  
Each day, the ledge looks a little bit better than the day before! 
I am still not exactly sure of the final design but these tiles will somehow be used to accent the fireplace.
 The guest room.
The closet in the guest room.
The shower walls - partially tiled. 
This mosaic is absolutely beautiful - the tiles are a mix of traverntine, mother of pearl, stainless steel and glass. 
We had a bit of a cold spell earlier in the week (48 degrees Wednesday morning!) and, much to Kevin's dismay, I broke down and turned the heat on - just enough to take the edge off. It was that or spend the afternoon/evening huddled under the bed-covers. I am having the fireplace inspected and the propane tank filled on Tuesday so that should help in the event we get chilly again. 

Chester thought the colder weather called for him to cuddle with Sonder. 
Sonder thought otherwise.
I am gearing up for my 8 mile run tomorrow morning. It is supposed to rain off and on this weekend but, if I begin to run around 6 am, I should have enough time to finish before the rain arrives. I really want this run to go well and am doing as much as I can to prepare for it. In addition to drinking as much water as I can during the day, tonight will be wine-free and I will make sure to get to bed as early as possible. For dinner tonight, I am modifying this recipe for Hungarian Goulash and will serve over egg noodles. My modifications include the addition of about 2 cups of sliced mushrooms, a can of diced tomatoes (drained), a can of tomato sauce (I omit the tomato paste) and a cup of wine. I also bought some fresh spinach yesterday and will make a "lite" version of creamed spinach as well - which the kids love. 

Have a great Friday!

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