Monday, September 9, 2013

The Fun Part

Now that the demolition has been mostly completed, the fun part begins. 

Painting (actually the first coat of the primer).
 Trimming out the windows, the new door and the closet.

Within the next few days, in addition to working in the bathroom (installing new plumbing, a new light & a new fan and re-wiring some sketchy electrical connections), Mimmo and Dan will finish installing the trim and then begin to paint it.

Mimmo and I spent two hours on Wednesday afternoon at the tile shop and selected the tiles for the flooring (family room, bedroom and bathroom - about 650 square feet total) and the tile for the bathroom walls and the floor of the shower. We found a gorgeous mosaic tile that we will install similar to the mosaic we added in Caitlynne's bathroom (photo below). 
We also came up with an idea for the ledge/fireplace in the family room - I can't wait until that part of the work is complete and I can post photos. It will be an amazing improvement over what was there. We were fortunate that all of the tile we selected were in stock and delivered on Friday so things will really start moving along soon. 

Have a great Monday!

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