Friday, September 13, 2013

Sweater Weather

It was hot yesterday afternoon.
A violent line of storms moved through early yesterday evening in advance of a cold front and the temperatures dropped dramatically in the matter of a couple of hours. This morning, temperatures were in the low 60s and this girl from the tropics was all bundled up. 

It is supposed to be in the low 50s tomorrow morning when I do my longish run of 7 miles. Although I will probably be chilly when I start out, I am sure it will be absolutely lovely once I get warmed up. I am interested to see if my time improves with the cooler weather. Since the kids went back to school, my running (during the week) has been all over the place. Because it is so dark out, I usually go out at about 5:45 am and run with the dogs for 2 miles before I return to the house and get the kids off to school (Caitlynne leaves at 6:20 am and Christopher at 7:20 am). After Christopher leaves, I head out by myself to run another 4-5 miles. It isn't the greatest way to get my mileage in but, until it gets lighter earlier, this is the best solution I have figured out. On the weekends, everyone sleeps in and I can run a little later and I can run without interruption as Kevin and/or Caitlynne walk the dogs.

My friend (and former next door neighbor in Bangkok) sent me the newest marketing brochure for Nichada - which features two of the rooms in our home (as well as a photo of Sonder with her beautiful family). 

How great is the color of the brochure cover?!? It is almost the exact same color of my dining room!
The page featuring our home (family room and guest room). I cannot wait until our stuff gets here!
We miss this family! 
Poor Sonder gets squeezed out again. I can tell when Chester is sometimes just too much for him and I try to give him some extra loving.
Chester eats a lot and he has figured out how to eat while expending the least amount of energy. 
While Sonder could care less, Chester always perks up when I bring out my phone to take photos. 
Once he realizes that food and/or a treat isn't forthcoming, he loses interest. 
I don't know how well the detail in the photo below will transfer to the internet but this is the contrast between the old and new paint in the family room. The first coat is almost applied and the difference is amazing. The room looks so crisp and clean. And bright. 
All of our "stuff" (sea freight shipment and storage items) has been located and is now sitting in a warehouse in Woodbridge, Virginia, just waiting to be delivered to our home the first week of October. We could have it delivered sooner but I wanted to wait until the work on the lower level of our home was completely finished. Although we still have work to be done elsewhere in the house, it is limited to areas (entry, kitchen & sun-room) that we can easily empty and maneuver around while the work is being completed. If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how anxious I am to have my stuff - so you can only imagine how difficult it was for me to make the decision to wait another few weeks for the delivery. Patience is not MY virtue but I have certainly learned some as a result of this move. Our storage will be delivered on September 30th and then the sea freight will be delivered October 2nd. Just over 4 months after our pack-out in Thailand.

As much as I was trying to resist buying any Fall decor, I caved this afternoon! I pass a small nursery almost every day when I am out and about and there are only so many beautiful mums that a girl can resist! The ones in the photos below are just gorgeous.
After dropping Caitlynne and some friends off at Panera, I ran into the TJ Maxx next door and found this wreath. 
 And these decorative gourds. 
Have a great Saturday!

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