Thursday, February 28, 2013

Style vs. Shake

I will post tomorrow about my Indian Cooking and Floral Designing classes - I had to share this today...

Christopher has become friendly with twins (girls) who live down the street from us. Yesterday was their birthday and their mother, who was out of the country taking another daughter to Chile to begin university, asked me if I would do "something" to help them celebrate. Two hours and 21 pre-teen/teenagers later, this mother was ready for a glass of wine and some peace and quiet. 

All of the kids were sitting nicely, chatting with each other and listening to music...

The Twins stood up and began to dance. 

Nobody seemed to notice and the chatter continued.

Then, the Twins got a little crazy... 

And, instantaneously, the next thing I knew, the place went WILD!

This, my friends, if you are as unfortunate to be as far behind the times as I apparently was, is called the "Harlem Shake".

For those of us (Kevin and myself included) who just (finally) figured out what "Gangnam Style" style was all about...The Harlem Shake begins with one (or, in our case, two) person dancing to the Harlem Shake song alone for about 15 seconds. During this time, the dancer(s) is surrounded by other people who are not paying attention or seem to be unaware of the dancing individual. At a certain point in the song, the entire crowd goes wild and does a crazy convulsive dance for the next 15 seconds.

While this was happening yesterday afternoon, I knew something was odd but I had no idea as to what it was exactly. I learned all of this at the breakfast table this morning after asking Caitlynne and Christopher a few questions. Christopher told me that the University of Georgia Men's Swim & Dive Team has the best "Harlem Shake" video on YouTube and I had a few minutes this afternoon to take a look. Would you believe almost 195,000 results appeared when I typed "Harlem Shake" into the search engine. Don't these people have anything better to do?!?

Have a great Thursday!

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