Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post Superbowl

What a great Superbowl! I saw this on facebook and had to steal...
This picture was posted less than an hour after the power outage. Seriously, how do people think so fast?!?

Yesterday morning, I went to a fun Superbowl party at a friend's home in Nichada. The food  (eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns) reflected the 7 am time here but chili and buffalo chicken wing dip were served as well so guests could get some traditional Superbowl fare. The friend who hosted the party had his computer set up on a "sling shot" device (I have no idea exactly what that is) so we were able to watch the commercials. I didn't see them all but, out of the ones I did see, my favorites were the Taco Bell, the Tide detergent and the Clydesdale spots. When I have a free minute (???), I am going to sit down and watch the ones I missed on youtube. I am not a huge fan of Beyonce so I really have no comment on the halftime show. My only observation was that she flipped her head and her hair about 500 times too many. 

I bought all of these orchids (about 20 stems) for $6.00! I really only wanted a few stems of each color but the vendor couldn't (or didn't want to) understand me so I came home with several vases worth of orchids. I know, such hardship!
 The newest version of my water garden.
Complete with LOTS of fish. Every few weeks they seem to multiply overnight. PeePorn came home with the plant and the fish and set all of this up some time ago. I wasn't too keen on the idea (mostly because of the mosquito issues) but the fish have thrived and as long as they stay alive, it shall remain.  
 Portulaca. These flowers do so well in Bangkok's heat. 
My orange lemon tree. This tree was loaded just a couple of weeks ago. I had to pick about 25 lemons off so the tree didn't suffocate.
The eight grade classes at ISB left yesterday to go to Chiang Mai (a city in northern Thailand) for the week. Caitlynne and her friends (I called them Charlie's Angels) before boarding the bus to go to the train station...
The train ride to Chiang Mai was about 12 hours long! Christopher leaves for his field trip tomorrow and I have arranged for Sonder to stay with his groomer so Kevin and I can spend tomorrow night downtown at a nice hotel. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


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