Friday, February 8, 2013

Bangkok Staycation

This will be a short post but I didn't want to start the weekend without publishing something. Wednesday night, Kevin and I had a wonderful "staycation" at a hotel downtown. I met Kevin for lunch at his office (his cafeteria has some of the best Thai food in Bangkok) and, while he went back to work, I hit every major shopping mall along Plonchit and Sukhimvit Roads. Not only did I support the local economy but I was able to cross some things off of my "to buy before leaving Bangkok" list. The malls were decorated for Chinese New Year, the year of the Snake. 
I shopped 'til I dropped and went to check in at the hotel and have a short nap. After Kevin finished at work, we had a drink in the hotel lounge and looked out over the Royal Bangkok Sports Club...
This is in the hotel is a waterfall that appears to flow right into the table. It looks and sounds so nice.
We had dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant (as opposed to a Thai-interpretation of an  Italian restaurant) that we literally stumbled across while trying to find a different Italian restaurant that had been recommended to us. I was glad we chose to eat at our "find" rather than continue looking for the other restaurant. My feet were aching and I was hungry and tired... and the food was delicious! Kevin had homemade ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese and topped with a creamy chunky tomato sauce. I had homemade linguine with clam sauce.  We split tiramisu for dessert.
The next morning, after breakfast, I walked Kevin to his office. There were beautiful flowers all over! I think the Four Seasons Hotel on Ratachadamri Road has the best gardeners. I love the pink and white theme that they have going.

Pairs of these stone elephants flank the entrance and exit to the Four Seasons.

 I checked out of the hotel and did some more shopping before driving back to Nichada. Are you beginning to see a trend here? Kevin goes to work and I go shopping. 

Sonder boarded with his groomer for the night and he seemed to do very well there. There is a family from Virginia that moved to Nichada over the summer and they have a labradoodle that could be Sonder's identical twin. She was in for a groom while Sonder was boarding so they got to have a bit of a play together. They have met and sniffed several times before but this was their first doggie date. The groomer told me that Sonder had a lot of fun with her and was very well behaved. He crashed on his bed the minute we were in the house. 
The kids are both returning today from their field trips, softball/baseball playoffs begin tonight,  Kevin leaves again on Sunday and we have friends with three young children coming to spend the weekend with us. It will be VERY busy here.

We are thinking of all those in Nemo's path (when did blizzards start getting names?!?) and hope you stay safe and warm!

Have a great Friday!

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