Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I always prefer an arrangement of fresh cut flowers over a bouquet of red roses. These birds of paradise (or some variety thereof?) from our garden were the perfect "pick me up" for Valentine's Day. Of course, with Kevin away, I had to go out and pick them myself but whatever works, right? 

In addition to finishing up on all of the laundry that accumulated over the weekend, I spent the last couple of days finalizing uniform orders, making hotel reservations and doing other assorted administrative tasks related to the Southeast Asia Youth Baseball Softball Tournament (SEAYBST). The Tournament is March 26th - 31st and will be in Singapore this year (last year it was in Perth, Australia). I am the SEAYBST Director for Bangkok and we are bringing three Bangkok teams to the tournament - 34 players - plus quite an entourage of coaches, parents, siblings and chaperones. Today was the "drop dead" date for both our hotel bookings and uniform orders so I can check that off of my (very long) list. Tomorrow I will place the order for various "accessories" - practice jerseys, travel shirts, travel bags, etc. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can have so many interpretations of the meaning of the word "deadline". A deadline is not a suggested time, folks, it is a deadline! As in...the latest possible time for doing something (i.e., letting me know if you need a hotel room in Singapore!). 

I also have to make plane reservations for our family as well as for the two umpires we (the Bangkok delegation) are required to bring. However, on-line ticketing system for the airline I want to fly (Air Asia) is incredibly painful and I know I don't have the patience to deal with it tonight. It takes forever to fill out all of the fields to book the ticket and then, more often than not, the system freezes on the payment page and shuts down - so the process must be started all over again. From the very beginning. Ugh!  I have had this happen to me several times - in fact, I was making reservations once and the payment page froze three times - and, by the time I was able to submit my payment information, the price of each of the tickets increased by $12.00. 

The SEAYBST team that Christopher is playing on (Under 15 Majors) has a double header scrimmage this weekend against the team from the Japanese baseball academy a bit north of Bangkok. This is the same team that beat us twice in the Christmas tournament. However, our team has had some really great practices over the last few weeks and we have added a power pitcher who can also power hit. I hope we will give them some good competition but, either way, it is a great chance for the team to play together in a game situation and get more baseball experience.

Have a great Thursday and a very big "YAY" for tomorrow being Friday! 

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