Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Extra Mile

Happy Halloween! 

I ran five miles yesterday morning to put me at 1901.0 miles in my transcontinental run.

The view at the end of my run yesterday morning - "Section: 8 Map Name: Pawnee River, 88".

This was the view after my 4 mile run on Tuesday morning (at 1,896.0 miles). Not much changed over that five miles and two days! 
Blah. What flat and boring landscape!

The good news is that I am more than halfway across Kansas.
With every run, I am getting closer to the halfway point across the U.S. and closer to the Pacific Ocean! 
I had hoped to get out and run another five miles this morning to bring my monthly total to 90 miles but my head cold migrated down to my chest yesterday and I cannot breathe. Only cough. So, after a walk with the dogs and a quick trip to Lowes to get a few supplies for Dan and Mimmo, I am going back to bed!

Have a great Thursday!

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