Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Walking On The Wild Side

With the exception of the the kids' bedrooms, the living room and the dining room, I have used "Cream Delight" by Valspar (eggshell finish) on the walls throughout the house. Although it is boring, I think it is best to keep most of the walls of our home as neutral as possible until we get everything unpacked and settled. The lighter color definitely makes all of our rooms lighter and brighter and it will look a lot different once all of our paintings, pictures, artworks, etc. are unpacked and hung. We have unpacked quite a bit of artwork and I am still going 'round and 'round as to where to place everything (once we get to that point!).

When the time came to choose the paint for the powder room, I decided to mix it up a bit and use this color of paint (Deeply Sunset by Valspar in eggshell finish).
I am going to wallpaper one accent wall with this Shand Kydd (yes, the late Princess Diana's mother!) design. 
The powder room is pretty small and I think this will be a great "statement" combination.

It was back to work Monday for Kevin. Last week, he was deemed "non-essential" to the U.S. Government but this week he was re-classified as "essential" so off he went. I should note that his return to work meant a *major* slowdown in the progress of our unpacking. He opens and empties a few boxes each evening but it will be the weekend before we make any more significant progress. There really isn't anywhere to put anything so I am not too upset.

Chester went to sleep last night dreaming of our run this morning.
Have a great Wednesday!

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