Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Brown Blob

Our big boy and his "lovey".
And our not-so-big boy.
As far as the completion of house renovations are concerned, we are talking in terms of days

Yesterday, Mimmo and Dan installed all of the outside trim, insulation and siding. Everything was sealed up tight with a ton of super-duper caulk.  
The exterior looks fantastic - almost like new! Kevin's first project this Spring will be to paint all of the trim on the house white and get rid of that hideous brown. Today, Dan and Mimmo are installing the insulation, drywall and trim inside the sun-room. They plan to paint tomorrow and then that room should be finished! 

While I certainly won't quit my day job, I think I did a pretty darn good job on my first wallpaper installation. 
It took me 1 1/2 hours to hang those two pieces - more time than I planned on but my perfectionist tendencies got the best of me for a while and I spent a lot longer than necessary on some areas. I am very happy to report, however, that no tears were shed during this project. So far. There is an area of about 6" along the seam that I am not happy with but I finally realized that I needed to just let it go. I still have two more lengths to hang but needed to get these up so the vanity could be installed this morning. 

Which it was. 
I love this room now! The granite guy will come this afternoon with some samples for me to look at and the granite will be installed tomorrow. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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