Monday, October 7, 2013

The Army 8 Miler

Wishful thinking! 

As planned, I ran my ten miles yesterday morning but it was not pretty. In fact, it was pretty ugly. 
The first eight miles of my run were great. Although it was warm (about 66 degrees) and a little humid, I felt really good and was keeping my time under 10 minutes/mile. I did have to swing back by the house at 4.5 miles for a quick bathroom and hydration break but, after that, I continued on strong. At 8.0 miles into my run, I ended up at the bottom of a very long and steep hill that I needed to run up and over in order to get home. Very, very poor planning! I lost of all my "juice" halfway up the hill. It was sheer torture to get to the top and quite a struggle to run the last mile home. But, I did it. After an Epsom Salt bath, scrambled eggs & toast and a long nap, I feel just fine. My mileage for this week was 28 miles, the most it has been in a LONG time so today will be a rest day for sure. I am getting ready to take the dogs out for a long walk now as it is supposed to rain quite heavily later today.

I will be able to get one more ten mile training run in before the Army Ten Miler on October 20th (assuming it will not be affected by the Government shut-down). I will do a better job of planning that run so it is not as hilly as it was today. At least I know I can run the distance. 

Have a great Monday!

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