Saturday, November 2, 2013


Kevin worked late last night and while I waited for him, I had a bit of bubbly to celebrate the work on the house being FINISHED!
The powder room. 
It is hard to believe that the piece of granite we used in the powder room was from the same slab as the piece that we had installed in the lower level bathroom (photo below).
The granite in the powder room has a lot of gold in it which I really like as it pulls out the gold in the wallpaper. This was pure luck as Babbatar (the granite guy) saved this piece for me not even knowing what the wallpaper looked like. The piece of granite in the lower level bathroom has more burgundy and green in it - there is only just the slightest trace of gold. It would have been fine in the powder room but I like the difference in tones. 
I say the powder room is finished but I guess I really mean that Dan and Mimmo's work is finished. I still need to hang the last two lengths of wallpaper and find and hang a mirror. I hope to get to that this weekend.

And the sun-room. 
 The boys inspected and approved.
We will make a massive effort today to get the sun-room, living room, dining room and kitchen unpacked, organized and cleaned. Now that everything can be put away in its "home", we should be able to get a lot done. I am sick of living like this.

I did not feel the greatest when I woke up this morning - I had a pounding headache and my head and chest were still really congested. Somehow, I convinced myself to go out for a run and I am glad I did. The weather was perfect and I managed to get a good 6 mile run in. I came back and had my coffee while looking at this view from my kitchen table... 
Fall is certainly here.
 I couldn't resist buying these mums at Lowes a few weeks ago. 

 Have a great Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I found your blog a few months ago and have been reading it from the beginning like it is my new bible. We are moving to Bangkok, Thailand summer of 2014 and your blog has been so helpful as well as fun to read! I am just about done with doing the first step of getting my girls (9 and 7 years old) into ISB for 2014-2015 school year. I may just start running again because of you.

We are currently out here in Loudoun County and my husband works for the State Department. So, we will be out in Bangkok for probably 3 years.
Just wanted to let you know I'll be lurking your blog some more...

Thuy Wallace