Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Dan and Mimmo installed the windows in the sun-room yesterday.
As soon as the windows were installed and sealed, we noticed such a (welcome) change in the temperature in the house. The plywood/tarp window covering was just not cutting it and the temperature difference between the levels in our home was incredible. The bedrooms and family room were cozy and warm but the middle level was so chilly. We would bundle up just to eat dinner! 

Today they are working on installing the insulation, trim and siding. The water damage on the roof trim was significant - in some areas, moss was growing! 
They removed the damaged trim and replaced with some kind of PVC composite material which will last must longer and be relatively maintenance free. 

Autumn is definitely here. It is chilly at night but we have been lucky in that it is sunny and mild (60 degrees) during the day. 

The Japanese Maple right outside the sun-room.
I had to run a few errands earlier today and stopped to take photos of these beautiful trees while I was out and about. 
Have a great Tuesday!

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