Saturday, April 21, 2012

Out And About

Kevin took these photos at one of Christopher's volleyball games a while ago and I just now found them when I was organizing my photo files on the computer.  Christopher is No. 8...
Christopher began the season at a disadvantage as he never played volleyball before and was also one of only two sixth graders on the team.  The coach told both of them that they would not get to play much because the 7th graders were more experienced and, sure enough, he did not play at all in the first couple of games.  Although he was disappointed about not playing, he continued to work really hard in practice and even did some extra practicing  on the weekends with the other 6th grader and now both of them play quite a bit. It was a good lesson for him  to learn about not giving up and and working hard to improve. There are only a couple more weeks left in the season and I think his team is undefeated so they will have a good position in the tournament. 

Caitlynne has a softball game on Monday and, since her team hasn't practiced at all over the vacation, it should be an interesting game.  She was hitting the ball and fielding so well before the break and I hope she hasn't lost too much with having the week off.

Christopher will begin track and field right after volleyball ends.  I have no idea how that will work out for him as it is so hot out and he doesn't do well AT ALL in the heat.  He and Caitlynne are also going to participate in a 6 week basketball program at ISB that begins this Thursday evening.  I love that there are all of these activities and opportunities available to them right here at ISB or in Nichada.  As long as they continue to do well in school, I figure it is best to keep them as busy as possible now because they will have plenty of time for rest and relaxation over the summer.  

Since the kids were off from school this week and most of their friends were still on vacation, we had a lot of free time.  Fortunately, the water throwing from the Song Kran celebrations had ceased so we could run errands, go to the mall, go downtown, etc. Caitlynne and I were able to get to the Babies' Home one morning.  When I picked up Say Jon from the nursery, I asked the nanny if Caitlynne could take Samat (the very first baby I cared for).  It was amazing to see how much Samat had developed since I last saw him about 5-6 weeks ago. He is crawling now and was a little squirmy wormy with Caitlynne - she had a hard time holding on to him.  He loved making noise by shaking rattles and banging toys together or hitting them on the floor.  Much to Caitlynne's dismay, he also loved to pull on her hair.  He would grab two fistfuls of it and YANK!  Say Jon continues to gnaw on his fist and whatever else he can get in his mouth but I still can't see or feel any sign of a tooth breaking through. He did seem a little quieter than usual and was very happy to just cuddle and nap all morning.

Have a great Saturday!

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