Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Neighbors and Friends

This is a short "shout out" post to recognize the wonderful neighbors and friends that our family has here in Nichada and back in the U.S.  Everyone has been so kind to express their sympathy about Simpson's death and to offer help/conversation.  That support has made a very trying time so much easier for the kids and I.

I am especially lucky to have great friends in Nichada and Premier Place 2.  I am very grateful for my neighbors, Loraleigh and Jen, who took Simpson so quickly to our vet, tracked me down and then went with me to the temple for his cremation.  I don't know what I would have done if I had been on my own.  Two other friends, Trina and Rufie, were with me when I received the phone call about what happened and drove me to the vet right away.  Another friend, Julie (baker extraordinaire), sent over delicious blueberry muffins for us to snack on.  My friend, Wendy, graciously agreed to take the rug that Simpson died on to the cleaners and then went out with me for a "margarita" lunch.  Sandy, Kelly and Charlotte gave us the most beautiful flower arrangement to brighten our spirits...
It has been a sad week but we are doing so much better than I ever would have thought possible.  My main concern right now is Sonder.  He is not eating much at all and is very sad and depressed.  I am totally overindulging him - lots of treats, rides in the car & golf cart, and tons of snuggles.  If that is what it takes to ease his sadness, so be it.  I took this picture a few minutes ago and the look on his face just breaks my heart!
In the last few days, we have met a lot of dogs while out on our walks and Sonder is so good and well behaved with them.  Previously, whenever I was out with my two dogs, I avoided anyone walking their dog(s).  I didn't have confidence that I would be able to control my two dogs if things went south  - not that I had any reason to think it would but I was being careful.  Now, it is such a social event  for Sonder and I to go for a walk.  As long as he behaves, I am more than happy to let him sniff and mingle with the other dogs.  It gives me a chance to connect with friends as well.  Kevin will be back in a few days and I hope that will give Sonder a sense of comfort and familiarity and that he will slowly return to his old self.  I wish we had a dog whisperer here in Nichada!

Have a great Sunday!

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