Saturday, April 7, 2012


Christopher's hip after getting hit by a pitch from the fastest pitcher in our league during the  game yesterday.
Other than him limping around, he is fine today.  The game was a total nail biter.  We had a rain delay of almost 2 hours and then had to move to a different field because all of the rain left the original field very wet and slippery.  Our first two innings were horrible - our pitcher was having an off day, we made a few errors on the defense and we couldn't hit for beans.  The score was 7-1 after the first two innings and it looked like we were going to be blown out.  Fortunately, our pitching improved, our defense woke up and we were able to hold them to only those 7 runs for the game.  Our hitting finally came alive in the bottom of the 6th (better late than never) but we just couldn't pull off an upset.  The final score was 7-5.  The boys were all sad to have the season end with a loss but, as is typical at that age, once they walked off the field, it seemed like most of them had gotten over it and were goofing off.  

Caitlynne's team won their first game Friday night by a score of 19-4.  She had two hits to get on base.  Her team played their best game of the season - the hitting was spot on, the defense made some great plays and the pitching was great.  Unfortunately, their game Saturday morning did not go as well and they lost 12-7.  Caitlynne had a beautiful line drive to left field to bring a run in.  She has improved so much this season with all of the practices and games that she has had between the community league and playing on the school team.  The season for the school team doesn't end for a few more weeks so, hopefully, she will continue to improve and contribute on the field.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

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