Monday, April 30, 2012

Changing Things Up

Update on the kids' tournaments this weekend... Caitlynne's softball team came in third place and Christopher's volleyball team came in second place.  Caitlynne was the catcher for all four of the tournament games and she was such a trooper because, not only was it very hot, but the games were played on Astro-Turf.  Christopher did not get to play as much as he had hoped but the games were very close so it is understandable that the coach chose to play the more experienced players.

Before the events of last week, I was working on making a few changes in our home.  I know it drives Kevin crazy when I start moving perfectly arranged  furniture, art work and decor with no explanation other than "it just doesn't look right there".  Sometimes I will walk around the house with a pillow or a picture in my hand, just looking for that perfect spot.  Fortunately, I was able to get a lot done while he was on travel and I think I am  finished (for a while anyway).  The fun part will be when I ask him, "so, what looks different?".  First, he will look at my hair and, not seeing any change in cut or color, panic will set in as he frantically casts his eyes around the house trying to figure out exactly what is new or different.  

I bought a this table for the area between our pantry/hall and the dining room.  This piece is about 110 years old and came from the Shanxi region of China.    
The detail of the carving on the drawers is amazing.
The flowers in the vase on the table are from my backyard.  I have no idea what they are - everyone refers to them as "parrot flowers" - but they are very striking (as well as free and longlasting!).  
The table in the photo below came from someone in Nichada who is moving to Beijing and did not have room in their shipment for it.  It was not free but I got an amazing deal on it.  I put it in the area between our dining room and the family room (across from our china cabinet).  I am still searching on Pinterest for ideas for something to put underneath the table - that space just seems so big!  
I have seen a lot of photos on Pinterest that show trays being used on counters & coffee tables to "corral" accessories and I wanted to get a tray for the top of this table.  I had my eye on one from Pottery Barn but it was almost $60.00, which I thought was just a little too pricey.  I waited patiently (probably for the first time in my life!) and after some searching, I found the tray in these photos at a stall in the Chatuchak Markets for $18.00.  
The painting detail on the table lamp is so pretty and makes the lamp a work of art.
It just kills me to post the three photos below and I am sure my mom will gasp in horror when she reads this.  I am an accomplished seamstress and I really do like to sew. However, because I don't have my sewing machine here, I had to HIRE someone to make these pillows for me.  Pillows are probably the easiest thing to sew but, without my machine, I couldn't make them.  I even looked online at some "no sew" pillows but the fabric I chose was not cheap so I did not want to go that route. The pillows are gorgeous though and the look (based on a Pinterest posting) is just what I wanted for that sofa.  Kevin is going to read this post and ban me from Pinterest!  
A new mirror to help fill up the huge wall in our entry way...
And a few prints for the living room...
These were the black picture frames that I was going to pattern with gold spray paint but the gold paint on the frames "disappeared" into the gold paint on the wall and it looked weird.  So all black they shall stay!  

Have a great Monday and Happy May 1st!

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