Saturday, February 1, 2014

Loving This Little Girl

We had our first chance to babysit Ridley yesterday.
 She loves climbing all over Christopher and chewing on his hands.

 The two girls.
Tired after a long play. Ignore the photo bomber.
We are going to try and introduce Sonder to her this weekend. As long as he realizes that she is not coming home with us, I think he will be fine. 

Busy busy weekend ahead...Caitlynne has her first crew competition today. She is rowing a 1,500 meter erg piece in the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Competition in Alexandria and is very anxious to see how she fares against rowers from other schools. Christopher has basketball games today and tomorrow as well as tryouts for an AAU basketball team tomorrow. Kevin comes home this evening - we are all looking forward to seeing him again. His trip to Bangkok was uneventful and I am happy that he was able to avoid any delays/problems and fly out in advance of the elections. Tomorrow evening, we are going to watch the Super Bowl at the home of long-time friends (he was the best man in our wedding) - they are transplants from Denver so I am sure we will all be cheering loud and strong for Denver and Peyton.

Have a great Saturday.  

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Jennifer Guzman said...

You all look amazing. I ran into your blog on my google account which I rarely tap into and there you were. I had to get an update. I see you all look fantastic and you all look very busy. Is Sonder better? I didn't get the update. I will write more later in that it is getting late. Thinking of you and sending you our thoughts and all the best. We think of you often every time especially when we go past your old place. Awesome to read that you are still running. Wow! I too am doing the same but my knees give me trouble so now it is just a jog/walk kind of thing. Hugs to you all!!!