Monday, February 3, 2014

What A Shellacking!!!

Kevin and I both really wanted Denver to win but, after he told me that a great defense will always beat a great offense, I kind of resolved myself to the fact that Seattle was probably going to win the game. However, neither one of us expected the game to be the complete blow-out that it was. After a botched snap led to a safety on their very first play, everything seemed to go wrong for Denver and the game was over for them before it even began. I felt so bad for Peyton and I am sure the media and columnists are going to have a lot to say about his performance. Poor guy. As much as I dislike Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, I have to admit that I did wonder if the outcome of the game would have been any different had it been the Patriots playing Seattle. 

I was too busy catching up with our friends and I don't think I watched one commercial in its entirety. We have more (!) snow predicted for today so, after my chores are finished, I will catch up on watching all of them today on youtube. Everyone at the party did sit down and watch the half-time show - very classy act by the first performer and then ??? for the second performance. Definitely one of those performances that make you go, "hmm?!?". Back in the day I did like the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I must be getting old as I didn't see anything appealing about their performance. For their sake, I am glad that it wasn't 20 degrees and snowing when they performed. 

Saturday morning, Caitlynne participated in the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Spring Competition and had an outstanding performance in her 1,500 meter erg sprint. She raced in the Junior Women's age 15 group and placed 5th in her heat and 20th overall (out of 66 competitors). We are so proud of her - she has really committed herself to the team and is very diligent about attending the practices and working hard at her conditioning. The team goes "on the river" in about 2 weeks and then the real work will begin. 

Christopher's basketball team lost both of their games this weekend. It has been a frustrating season for him as they have only won one game. And, since that was against another team that had no wins, he was not too excited about the win. There are four very good players on his team and then...nothing. We hoped the other players would develop as the season progresses but that hasn't seemed to happen yet - and the season ends in two weeks. Most of their losses (including yesterday's) have been by 15+ points and he has been very discouraged. He is trying out for an AAU team and, if he makes it, he will be playing on a more competitive team and with more skilled players which will be great for him. I am not sure how we will work his basketball practices/games/tournaments in with Caitlynne's crew practices & regattas but we will make it happen. I never thought I would say this but last night I actually commented to Caitlynne that I couldn't wait until she can drive. 

Have a great Monday!

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