Sunday, February 9, 2014

Row Row Row Your Boat!

Caitlynne had some great finishes at yesterday's Yorktown Relays. She entered four relay events and placed in all of them!

2 x 750 meters - 3rd place

4 x 500 meters - 2nd place (she raced with the varsity girls team in this event)

8 x 250 meters - 4th place

4 x 500 meters - 1st place (mixed team).  
Her teammates on the mixed team (they received the blue t-shirts as their prize for winning).
Christopher had a heart-breaker of a basketball game last night. His team played better than they have all season against a team that was 6-2. They tied the game 50 and ended up losing by 4 points in overtime. They really should have won the game - there were many missed opportunities (let's just say that Christopher will be practicing foul shots at practice this week). 

Some members of my women's running group (myself included) began this challenge on February 1st. 
Like our daily "RR"s (running reports), posting on our group Facebook page each day that we completed our plank(s) keeps us all accountable and gives us motivation. Some of us have modified the schedule a bit because we are all at different abilities. I am on Day 8 but I am doing three planks at 60 seconds. I shake like crazy the last 30 seconds of the last plank but I grit my teeth and just get it done. I am nervous about going from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in a few days and will probably just do 1 plank at 90 seconds until I can hold it comfortably.

This Challenge is more my speed...
I ran a quick three miles before going to Mass this morning, bringing my weekly total to 28 miles. I ran three 7 milers this week which was two more than I wanted to but I thought I should get the miles in before we get more snow or ice. Although the extended forecast is for drier weather, it will still be quite cold. Where on earth is Spring?!?

Have a great Sunday!

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